1.  We are Investors as well as managers and Real Estate Professionals.  We provide services from Acquisition, Management to Sale and/or Exchange of Real Property/Real Estate.
2.  We are Texas Licensed Realtors - Ellis Washington is the Broker and Savannah Elahi-Washington is a Realtor/Partner.  We work as a Team to provide Real Estate Services to our Clients. (Lic. No. 572821/579857 respectively).  You can look up our status and Education at Texas Real Estate Commission's Website.
3.  Check out our experience on our website at  We have been Realtors in Two States (California & Texas).  This link will take you to our "About Us" page.  Please check out all of our pages especially our "Testimonials"
4.  Property Management Services - We take pride in placing the most qualified tenants into our owner's homes, without violating any "Housing Discrimination" Laws (to protect you us and the tenant).  We:
a.  Provide you with the current Comparative Market Analysis, so that we price your rental based the neighborhood comps and condition and offerings of your particular property.
b.  We tour your home to make sure that it is "Market Ready" (we provide you with a list of possible repairs that will make your property more marketable and reduce the "Time on the Market")
​​c.  We place an "Electronic Lockbox" on your property and list it on our San Antonio Board of Realtor's Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give other Realtors an opportunity to bring a qualified tenant to view and possibly "Apply to Lease" your home.  We also syndicate this listing across the web, list it on our website and other web-presence sites like: facebook, twitter, craigslist, etc.
d.  We provide each Prospective Tenant with an Application Package, which includes: 1) Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) Application; 2) CAL/TEX Realty Screening Criteria and Privacy Policy; 3) Application Checklist and 4) Information about Brokerage Services

e.  Once we have an interested Tenant's application, we conduct an extensive background check, which includes: 1) Rental History Inquiry; 2) Employment History Inquiry; 3) Credit History Results; and 4) Criminal History (Nationwide)

If this Tenant passes the background checks, we Approve them and invite them to Sign a Lease and take Possession of the property.  We conduct an Orientation and Lease Signing, which includes:
1.  16 Page Texas Association of Realtor's Residential Lease
2.   Landlord Rules and Regulations
3.   Inventory and Property Condition Report
4.   Pet Agreement (If Pets are Allowed - This includes getting all of the pet's immunization and health records)
5.   Final tour of the home and familiarization of property's functioning components (i.e. stove, frig, HVAC System, etc.)
Once the Tenant takes possession of the property, we manage their Rent Payments, any Notices and Requests for Repairs.
Our Owners enjoy the "Passive Nature" of they investment, without any of the hassles of management.
What is the Costs:
1.  Broker placement process includes administering the application and background checks, Orientation and Lease Signing.  The Owner agrees to a Broker's Fee of 50% of 1 month's Rent and at least $200 finder's fee to any Referring Broker that brings a qualified and approved tenant.  (We will require Owner to Sign a Property Management Agreement).  This fee is earned once the tenant has signed a lease and will usually be taken out of the rent paid by the Tenant.
2.  Monthly management of the Tenant is 10% of each month's rent (This will be taken out of the rent paid by the tenant and Net Rents will be deposited into the Owner's Bank Account - Otherwise, a check will be mailed to Owner (Deposits are usually the most efficient and fastest way for Owners to receive their rents).
3.  Reserves are required in the minimum amount of $250.  This reserve is used for minor repair requests made by the tenant.  Any repair over and above this amount will require Owner Approval. (Reserve Balance will be replenished/mainained from rents)

We look forward to providing you with the Best in Property Management Services.