Seller's Resources

Selling a house is a very difficult job. You want to sell your home as quickly as possible and at its full value. You must also be aware of state & federal laws and how they affect your sale.

This involves a lot of time, effort, and patience, as well as specialized skills and knowledge. That is why most people turn to a Real Estate Agent for help.

When you sell your home, the Real Estate Agent will put together and go a marketing plan with you to List and Sell your property.  Once you have reviewed the Comparative Market Analysis, determined the price you will list it at and what you expect to receive as "Net Proceeds", then you Agent will list your property on the local Multiple Listing Service, on  their website, syndicate it out to the World Wide Web and concentrate on finding a Buyer.

In a seller/client relationship, the agent guides you throughout the real estate transaction, providing information on such issues as pricing your home, which purchase offers are fair, and how to structure a purchase contract to your advantage. It is the business of the Real Estate Agent to help you sell your home with minimum delay and to help you realize every dollar it is worth.

Although the Real Estate Agent works for you and owes you additional services, the Real Estate Agent must also treat his or her buyer customers fairly. The buyer is generally the customer. There is no contract between the buyer and the Real Estate Agent.  Most Buyers will come with their own Realtor.  Both the Listing Broker/Agent and the Selling Broker/Agent will work together to make sure that the transaction closes and both the Buyer and Seller are happy with the outcome and Close the deal.

It is always important to have an expert on your side looking out for your best interests.